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Denny Daniel

Denny Daniel is a Photographer based in Dehradun, India. Born in Kerala, India he was brought up in the country’s capital - New Delhi. His passion for people, cultures and nature made him want to capture it all through the lens of his camera. Following his heart he became a photographer.

Always traveling around, he has been to Singapore, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong-Kong and Brazil. His passion for emotions and expressions moved him to be specifically a people’s photographer (portrait, birthdays, wedding and events).

He admires capturing the special moments and emotions at the big day. He loves being creative and taking wedding photography to another level of exciting pictures. He could bungee jump a cliff to get the perfect shot for you! 

Being a father of a 2 little girls makes him a very interactive kids photographer, making him perfect to register the little ones’ birthday parties.

He is available to travel the world and capture your big day anywhere you are!

Meet him for a coffee and make your memories last forever!

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